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The flesh-footed shearwater (Ardenna carneipes) is a seabird belonging to the family Procellariidae. The flesh-footed shearwater ranges across, Indian ocean, Pacific Ocean and Arabian Sea. The shearwater breeds on islands off Australia and New Zealand.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) had categorized and evaluated these shearwater species and had listed them as of 'Least Concern'.

These birds are medium sized, measuring 40 to 50 cm in length and weighing 500 to 775 grams. They have a wingspan of 100 to 115 cm. They have blackish brown plumage. The feet are pale pink and the bill is pale yellow with distinct black tip. These birds breed in colonies and breed during September and November.

Indian birds - Flesh-footed shearwater - Ardenna carneipes
Indian birds - Flesh-footed shearwater - Ardenna carneipes

Biological classification of Ardenna pacificus
Species:A. carneipes
Binomial name:Ardenna carneipes
Distribution:Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Arabian Sea
Feeding habits:fish, squids and shrimp;
IUCN status listing:
Least Concern

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Image source: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Puffinus_carneipes_-New_Zealand_-flying-8.jpg
Author: Brian Gratwicke | License: CC BY 2.0
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