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The silver-breasted broadbill (Serilophus lunatus) belongs to the family Eurylaimidae under the order Passeriformes.

Silver-breasted broadbill taxonomy

The family Eurylaimidae is named after the type genus Eurylaimus. It contains four subfamilies, viz., Smithornithinae, Pseudocalyptomeninae, Calyptomeninae and Eurylaiminae.

The subfamily Eurylaiminae includes six genera, viz., Corydon, Cymbirhynchus, Eurylaimus, Sarcophanops, Psarisomus and Serilophus. The genus Serilophus is monotypic containing one species (Serilophus lunatus) only.

The species Serilophus lunatus has nine subspecies under it. The subspecies are, Serilophus lunatus lunatus, Serilophus lunatus intensus, Serilophus lunatus rothschildi, Serilophus lunatus impavidus, Serilophus lunatus aphobus, Serilophus lunatus stolidus, Serilophus lunatus polionotus, Serilophus lunatus elisabethae and Serilophus lunatus atrestus.

The species Serilophus rubropygius is treated as a subspecies of Serilophus lunatus (Serilophus lunatus rubropygius) by some authors. The subspecies S. l. atrestus and S. l. aphobus are sometimes included in subspecies S. l. elisabethae.
Taxonomic classification
Binomial name:Serilophus lunatus
Species:S. lunatus

Serilophus lunatus
1.Silver-breasted broadbill - Serilophus lunatus 390
Image by Poochan50

Serilophus lunatus
2.Silver-breasted broadbill - Serilophus lunatus
Image by Jason Thompson

Serilophus lunatus
3.Silver-breasted broadbill - Serilophus lunatus
Image by TonyCastro

Serilophus lunatus
4.Silver-breasted broadbill - Serilophus lunatus
Image by Yiwenyiwen


Serilophus lunatus
5.Silver-breasted broadbill - Serilophus lunatus
Image by Rohit Naniwadekar

Serilophus lunatus
6.Silver-breasted broadbill - Serilophus lunatus
Image by Jason Thompson

Serilophus lunatus
7.Silver-breasted broadbill - Serilophus lunatus
Image by Rushen

Serilophus lunatus
8.Silver-breasted broadbill - Serilophus lunatus
Image by charles.leavell

Serilophus lunatus
9.Silver-breasted broadbill - Serilophus lunatus
Image by KiaBoHe


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Author: Poochan50 | License: CC BY-SA 4.0
2.Image source: (cropped)
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4.Image source: (cropped)
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