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The barred cuckoo-dove (Macropygia unchall) belongs to the family Columbidae under the order Columbiformes.

Barred cuckoo-dove taxonomy

The family Columbidae was introduced by William Elford Leach, MD, FRS (2 February 1791 – 25 August 1836), an English zoologist and marine biologist, in a guide to the contents of the British Museum published in 1820.

The family Columbidae is divided into three subfamilies, viz., Columbinae, Claravinae and Raphinae. These subfamilies together includes about 42 genera and 310 species.

The subfamily Columbinae contains 29 extant genera (including genus Macropygia) and three extinct genera. The genus Macropygia includes fifteen living species and two extinct species.

The species Macropygia unchall was first described by Wagler, 1827 and was included in the genus Columba as Columba Unchall. The species Macropygia unchall is divided into three subspecies, viz., Macropygia unchall unchall, Macropygia unchall minor and Macropygia unchall tusalia.
Taxonomic classification
Binomial name:Macropygia unchall
Species:M. unchall

Barred cuckoo-dove - Macropygia unchall
1.Barred cuckoo-dove - Macropygia unchall
Photo by Aparajita Datta

Macropygia unchall
2.Barred cuckoo-dove - Macropygia unchall
Photo by Dibyendu Ash

Macropygia unchall
3.Barred cuckoo-dove - Macropygia unchall
Photo by Geetanjalidhar


Macropygia unchall
4.Barred cuckoo-dove - Macropygia unchall
Photo by Aparajita Datta

Macropygia unchall
5.Barred cuckoo-dove - Macropygia unchall
Photo by Хомелка

Macropygia unchall
6.Barred cuckoo-dove - Macropygia unchall
Photo by H. Gronvold and E C Stuart


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1.Photo source: (cropped)
Photo author: Aparajita Datta | License: CC BY-SA 4.0
2.Photo source: (cropped)
Author: Dibyendu Ash | License: CC BY-SA 4.0
3.Photo source: (cropped)
Author: Geetanjalidhar | License: CC BY-SA 3.0
4.Photo source: (cropped)
Author: Aparajita Datta | License: CC BY-SA 4.0
5.Photo source: (cropped)
Author: Хомелка | License: CC BY-SA 3.0
6.Photo source: (cropped)
Author: H. Gronvold and E C Stuart Baker | Public domain
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