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The white-breasted woodswallow (Artamus leucoryn) belongs to the family Artamidae under the order Passeriformes.

White-breasted woodswallow taxonomy

The family Artamidae was first described by Nicholas Aylward Vigors (1785 – 26 October 1840), an Irish zoologist and politician, in the year 1825. The family Artamidae consists of two subfamilies, Cracticinae and Artaminae.

The subfamily Cracticinae has five genera and thirteen species under it. The subfamily Artaminae was first described by C. G. Sibley & J. A. Ahlquist, in the year 1990.

The subfamily Artaminae has a single genus, Artamus. The genus Artamus was first described by Louis Pierre Vieillot (May 10, 1748 – August 24, 1830), a French ornithologist, in the year 1816. There are eleven species classified under this genus.

The species Artamus leucoryn (as Lanius leucoryn) was first described by Carl Linnaeus (23 May 1707 – 10 January 1778), a Swedish botanist, physician and zoologist, in the year 1771.
Taxonomic classification
Binomial name:Artamus leucoryn
Species:A. leucoryn

Artamus leucoryn
1.White-breasted woodswallow - Artamus leucoryn
Image by Summerdrought

Artamus leucoryn
2.White-breasted woodswallow - Artamus leucoryn
Image by JJ Harrison

Artamus leucoryn
3.White-breasted woodswallow - Artamus leucoryn
Image by Lip Kee

Artamus leucoryn
4.White-breasted woodswallow - Artamus leucoryn
Image by Djambalawa


Artamus leucoryn
5.White-breasted woodswallow - Artamus leucoryn
Image by Magdalena B

Artamus leucoryn
6.White-breasted woodswallow - Artamus leucoryn
Image by Gary Leavens

Artamus leucoryn
7.White-breasted woodswallow - Artamus leucoryn
Image by cuatrok77

Artamus leucoryn
8.White-breasted woodswallow - Artamus leucoryn in flight
Image by Lip Kee

Artamus leucoryn
9.White-breasted woodswallow - Artamus leucoryn young
Image by Toby Hudson


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