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The black-capped kingfisher (Halcyon pileata) belongs to the family Alcedinidae under the order Coraciiformes.

The Halcyon is a genus tree kingfishers, characterized by large or medium size, large head, long heavy bill, short tail and bright color. They prefer various woodland habitats. They usually occupy an open perch and 'sit and wait' for the slow moving prey on the land or water.

The Halcyon pileata species, apart from fish, feed on a variety prey like crustaceans, amphibians, annelid worms, molluscs, insects, spiders, centipedes and reptiles. The prey is caught by the bill and killed before swallowing it. Usually the prey is not dismembered.

The Halcyon pileata species are monogamous and highly territorial, nesting in earth banks, tree holes and termite mounds. Both the sexes look alike. There is always prior courtship before pairing and mating. Both parents dig the tunnel nest, incubate the eggs and care for the chicks.

The Halcyon pileata species are much sought for the blue feathers for their use in the hat trade. In China, hand-fans are made with the feathers.
Black-capped kingfisher (Halcyon pileata)
1.Image by Jason Thompson

Black-capped kingfisher (Halcyon pileata)
2.Image by Sumeet Moghe

Black-capped kingfisher (Halcyon pileata)
3.Image by Francesco Veronesi

Black-capped kingfisher (Halcyon pileata)
4.Image by JJ Harrison

Black-capped kingfisher (Halcyon pileata)
5.Image by Dibyendu Ash

Black-capped kingfisher (Halcyon pileata)
6.Image by Rahul Alvares

Black-capped kingfisher (Halcyon pileata)
7.Image by Rahul Alvares

Black-capped kingfisher (Halcyon pileata)
8.Image by Charles Lam
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Image author: Jason Thompson | License: CC BY 2.0 as on 4/10/17
2.Image source: (cropped)
Author: Sumeet Moghe | License: CC BY-SA 3.0
3.Image source: (cropped)
Author: Francesco Veronesi | License: CC BY-SA 2.0 as on 4/10/17
4.Image source: (cropped)
Author: JJ Harrison ( | License: CC BY-SA 3.0
5.Image source: (cropped)
Author: Dibyendu Ash | License: CC BY-SA 3.0
6.Image source: (cropped)
Author: Rahul Alvares | License: CC BY-NC 2.0 as on 4/10/17
7.Image source: (cropped)
Author: Rahul Alvares | License: CC BY-NC 2.0 as on 4/10/17
8.Image source: (cropped)
Author: Charles Lam | License: CC BY-SA 2.0 as on 4/10/17
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