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The black-winged cuckooshrike (Lalage melaschistos) belongs to the family Campephagidae under the order Passeriformes.

Black-winged cuckooshrike taxonomy

The family Campephagidae was first introduced by Nicholas Aylward Vigors (1785 – 26 October 1840), an Irish zoologist and politician, in the year 1825.

The family Campephagidae comprises six genera, viz., Coracina, Campochaera, Lalage, Campephaga, Pericrocotus and Lobotos.

The genus Lalage was first described by Friedrich Boie (4 June 1789 – 3 March 1870), a German entomologist, herpetologist and ornithologist, in the year 1826.

The species Lalage melaschistos (as Volvocivora melaschistos) was first described by Brian Houghton Hodgson (1 February 1800 – 23 May 1894), a naturalist and ethnologist, in the year 1836.

This species is polytypic and comprises four subspecies, namely, Lalage melaschistos melaschistos, Lalage melaschistos intermedia, Lalage melaschistos avensis and Lalage melaschistos saturata.
Taxonomic classification
Binomial name:Lalage melaschistos
Species:L. melaschistos
Lalage melaschistos
1.Black-winged Cuckooshrike - Lalage melaschistos 277
Photo by Jason Thompson


Lalage melaschistos
2.Black-winged Cuckooshrike - Lalage melaschistos
Photo by Nabarunsadhya

Lalage melaschistos
3.Black-winged Cuckooshrike - Lalage melaschistos
Photo by Jason Thompson

Lalage melaschistos
4.Black-winged Cuckooshrike - Lalage melaschistos
Photo by Dr. Raju Kasambe

Lalage melaschistos
5.Black-winged Cuckooshrike - Lalage melaschistos
Photo by nbu2012

Lalage melaschistos
6.Black-winged Cuckooshrike - Lalage melaschistos
Photo by 孫鋒 林


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1.Photo source: (cropped)
Author: Jason Thompson | License: CC BY 2.0
2.Photo source: (cropped)
Author: Nabarunsadhya | License: CC BY-SA 3.0
3.Source: (cropped)
Author: Jason Thompson | License: CC BY 2.0
4.Photo source: (cropped)
Author: Dr. Raju Kasambe | License: CC BY-SA 4.0
5.Photo source: (cropped)
Author: nbu2012 | License: CC BY 2.0
6.Source: (cropped)
Author: 孫鋒 林 | License: CC BY-SA 2.0
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