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The isabelline shrike (Lanius isabellinus) belongs to the family Laniidae under the order Passeriformes.

Isabelline shrike taxonomy

The Laniidae is a family of carnivorous passerine birds. The family Laniidae was first introduced by Constantine Samuel Rafinesque-Schmaltz (October 22, 1783 – September 18, 1840), a zoologist, botanist, writer and polyglot, in the year 1815.

The family Laniidae comprises four genera, viz., Eurocephalus, Corvinella, Urolestes and Lanius. The genus Lanius was first described by Carl Linnaeus (23 May 1707 – 10 January 1778), a Swedish botanist, physician and zoologist, in the year 1758.

The genus Lanius comprises thirty species, including Lanius isabellinus. These species are polytypic and comprise three subspecies, viz., L. i. isabellinus, L. i. arenarius and L. i. tsaidamensis.

The species Lanius isabellinus was first described by Wilhelm Friedrich Hemprich (24 June 1796 – 30 June 1825), a German naturalist and explorer and Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg (19 April 1795 – 27 June 1876), a German naturalist, zoologist, comparative anatomist, geologist and microscopist, in the year 1833.
Taxonomic classification
Binomial name:Lanius isabellinus
Species:L. isabellinus
Isabelline shrike - Lanius isabellinus
1.Isabelline shrike - Lanius isabellinus 352
Image by Koshy Koshy

Isabelline shrike - Lanius isabellinus
2.Isabelline shrike - Lanius isabellinus
Image by Pkspks

Lanius isabellinus
3.Isabelline shrike - Lanius isabellinus
Image by MPF

Lanius isabellinus
4.Isabelline shrike - Lanius isabellinus
Image by Comfortably Numb

Lanius isabellinus
5.Isabelline shrike - Lanius isabellinus
Image by Nate Swick

Lanius isabellinus
6.Isabelline shrike - Lanius isabellinus
Image by MPF

Lanius isabellinus
7.Lanius isabellinus eggs
Image by Didier Descouens
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1.Isabelline shrike image source: (cropped)
Image author: Koshy Koshy | License: CC BY 2.0 as on 5/9/18
2.Image source: (cropped)
Image author: Pkspks | License: CC BY-SA 3.0 as on 5/9/18
3.Image source: (cropped)
Author: MPF | License: CC BY-SA 3.0 as on 5/9/18
4.Image source: (cropped)
Author: Comfortably Numb | License: CC BY-NC 2.0 as on 5/9/18
5.Image source: (cropped)
Author: Nate Swick | License: CC BY-NC 2.0 as on 5/9/18
6.Image source: (cropped)
Author: MPF | License: CC BY-SA 3.0 as on 5/9/18
7.Image source: (cropped)
Author: Didier Descouens | License: CC BY-SA 4.0 as on 5/9/18
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