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The wreathed hornbill (Rhyticeros undulatus) belongs to the family Bucerotidae under the order Bucerotiformes.

Conservation concerns of Rhyticeros undulatus

The survival of Rhyticeros undulatus is "threatened by illegal selective logging, habitat encroachment and local hunting pressure in unprotected tropical forestlands".

Logging has fragmented the habitat and created huge gaps in the vegetation thus these birds are easily sighted, making them more vulnerable to hunting.

Logging, agricultural expansion into forest areas and illegal logging of mature trees has lead to sharp decrease in the roosting sites and foraging sites (Ficus sp.) of wreathed hornbill. There is decline in the regeneration of the preferred tree species (Ficus sp.).

The Rhyticeros undulatus species are important agents of seed dispersal in the moist evergreen forest. The entire ecosystem of these species is at cross roads. These birds require mature trees for nesting and also require foraging trees. The fragmented forest can only be effectively regenerated by these seed dispersers.

Krishna, C.M., K. Sarma & A. Kumar (2012). Rapid assessment of Wreathed Hornbill Aceros undulatus (Aves: Bucerotidae) populations and conservation issues in fragmented lowland tropical forests of Arunachal Pradesh, India. Journal of Threatened Taxa 4(14): 3342–3348.

Taxonomic classification
Binomial name:Rhyticeros undulatus
Species:R. undulatus
Wreathed hornbill - Rhyticeros undulatus - male
1.Wreathed hornbill (Rhyticeros undulatus) male
Photo by Jar0d

Wreathed hornbill - Rhyticeros undulatus female
2.Wreathed hornbill (Rhyticeros undulatus) female
Photo by DickDaniels

Rhyticeros undulatus male
3.Wreathed hornbill - Rhyticeros undulatus
Photo by DickDaniels

Rhyticeros undulatus
4.Wreathed hornbill - Rhyticeros undulatus
Photo by Josh More

Rhyticeros undulatus
5.Wreathed hornbill - Rhyticeros undulatus
Photo by Gunawan Kartapranata

Rhyticeros undulatus
6.Wreathed hornbill - Rhyticeros undulatus
Photo by tontantravel

Rhyticeros undulatus
7.Rhyticeros undulatus Photo by B20180

Rhyticeros undulatus
8.Rhyticeros undulatus by Jar0d

Rhyticeros undulatus
9.Rhyticeros undulatus Photo by DickDaniels
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