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The square-tailed drongo-cuckoo (Surniculus lugubris) belongs to the family Cuculidae under the order Cuculiformes.

Characteristics of square-tailed drongo-cuckoo

The genus Surniculus has four species grouped under it. They are Surniculus lugubris, Surniculus dicruroides, Surniculus musschenbroeki and Surniculus velutinus.

All these four species resemble the species Dicrurus macrocercus, a small Asian passerine bird of the family Dicruridae. All the Surniculus spp. have glossy bluish black plumage, black eyes, long tails and similar sizes.

The individual species of genus Surniculus are differentiated by the shape of bill, juvenile plumage, distribution range and calls. Another major difference is the presence of fork or its absence in the tail.

Taxonomic classification
Binomial name:Surniculus lugubris
Species:S. lugubris
Image of Square-tailed drongo-cuckoo - Surniculus lugubris
1.Square-tailed drongo-cuckoo - Surniculus lugubris
Image by Melvin Yap

Square-tailed drongo-cuckoo - Surniculus lugubris
2.Square-tailed drongo-cuckoo - Surniculus lugubris
Image by Francesco Veronesi

Surniculus lugubris
3.Square-tailed drongo-cuckoo - Surniculus lugubris
Image by Eric Gropp

Surniculus lugubris
4.Square-tailed drongo-cuckoo - Surniculus lugubris
Image by Melvin Yap
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