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The Red-naped ibis (Pseudibis papillosa) belongs to the family Threskiornithidae under the order Pelecaniformes.

Red-naped ibis taxonomy

The Threskiornithidae is the family of the ibises and the spoonbills.

The family Threskiornithidae was first introduced by Charles Wallace Richmond (December 31, 1868 – May 19, 1932), an American ornithologist, in the year 1917.

The family Threskiornithidae is comprised of two subfamilies, the Threskiornithinae and the Plataleinae. The subfamily Threskiornithinae was first described by Poche, in the year 1904.

The subfamily Threskiornithinae comprises 28 extant species in thirteen genera, including Pseudibis. The genus Pseudibis was first described by Brian Houghton Hodgson (1 February 1800 – 23 May 1894), a pioneer naturalist and ethnologist, in the year 1844.

The genus Pseudibis comprises two species, viz., Pseudibis papillosa and Pseudibis davisoni. The species Pseudibis papillosa is monotypic.

The species Pseudibis papillosa was first described by Coenraad Jacob Temminck (31 March 1778 – 30 January 1858), a Dutch zoologist and museum director, in the year 1824.

Taxonomic classification
Binomial name:Pseudibis papillosa
Species:P. papillosa
Red-naped ibis - Pseudibis papillosa
1.Red-naped ibis - Pseudibis papillosa
Image by Shantanu Kuveskar

Pseudibis papillosa
2.Red-naped ibis - Pseudibis papillosa
Image by Shantanu Kuveskar

Pseudibis papillosa
3.Red-naped ibis - Pseudibis papillosa
Image by J.M.Garg

Pseudibis papillosa
4.Red-naped ibis - Pseudibis papillosa
Image by Savi.odl

Pseudibis papillosa
5.Red-naped ibis - Pseudibis papillosa
Image by VU3SBF

Pseudibis papillosa
6.Red-naped ibis - Pseudibis papillosa
Image by Dr. Raju Kasambe

Pseudibis papillosa
7.Red-naped ibis - Pseudibis papillosa
Image by Davidvraju

Pseudibis papillosa
8.Red-naped ibis - Pseudibis papillosa
Image by Mail.sathu

Pseudibis papillosa immature
9.Red-naped ibis - Pseudibis papillosa immature
Image by Charles J Sharp
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